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Spring 2023 Old Trenton Neighborhood Grants

Updated: May 30, 2023

TRENTON, NJ – The I Am Trenton Community Foundation and Isles, Inc. proudly announce the Spring 2023 Old Trenton Neighborhood Grant awards totaling $48,500 for eight arts, culture, beautification, and business development projects in the neighborhood bordered by Perry Street, State Street, Route 1, and N. Broad Street.

These grants provide support in specific neighborhoods of Trenton where the NJ Department of Community Affairs (DCA) provides funding to support resident-driven plans as part of the Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) program.

“We are so proud to help these creative thinkers put their projects to work engaging neighbors and enhancing the beauty, safety and vibrancy of Old Trenton,” said Marelyn Rivera, Co-President of I Am Trenton Community Foundation.

IAT Co-President Michelle Ruess added, “We thank everyone who applied, and we can’t wait to see your great ideas at work in our community!”

Spring 2023 Old Trenton Neighborhood Grants recipients include:

  • Puerto Rican Community Center -- Enhance multicultural areas in each classroom to provide children access to materials from different cultures around the world, emphasizing their cultures and where they come from.

  • Trenton Puerto Rican Community & Friends -- Host events which bridge the Puerto Rican experience from La Isla to the streets of the Old Trenton Neighborhood where many of the first families who arrived from Puerto Rico built a home and a family.

  • Trenton City Girlz – Launch a Girl Scouts troop empower and encourage youth within the Old Trenton Neighborhood.

  • Grown Vegan Apothecary & DIY Bar -- Host community activities to advance wellness, self-care products and neighborhood engagement.

  • Egun Omode Performing Arts Collective – Provide classes in West African dance, drums and sekere percussion classes to advance knowledge of West African and Caribbean cultures.

  • Bentrice Jusu – Create "Potential Project Pop Out experience" featuring a short documentary of the artist’s work creating the multi-media project reflecting the impact of violence, engaging visitors to recognize and act on their "Potential," and selling memorabilia.

  • Tha Block Trenton – Engage neighborhood residents, collect oral histories to share life stories through organized affinity spaces and host a community meal.

  • Greater Mt. Zion Community Development Corporation: Preserve the history of Greater Mt. Zion AME, Trenton’s oldest Black church, which began around 1797 on Perry Street; and share the story with residents, students, and city visitors.

From left: Some artifacts from the history of Greater Mount Zion AME that will be part of an educational exhibit and program for the community.The Puerto Rican Community Center will create cultural hubs in their classrooms, celebrating students’ culture and heritage. Egun Omode Performing Arts Collective will offer free drumming and music classes for youth at the Trenton Free Public Library.

IAT and Isles plan to offer another round of OTN grants in August 2023. The grant program is funded by the New Jersey Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program and builds on priorities of the 2007 Old Trenton Neighborhood plan and the 2016 Creek to Canal Creative District plan (available at

These grants only support projects physically located inside or serving residents of the Old Trenton neighborhood. Funded projects focus on either Business Development or Community Investment. IAT has been raising funds and supporting grassroots efforts across the city since 2007, learn more at

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