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Our Impact

At I Am Trenton, we are able to gather funding and disperse it to meaningful + effective community projects in Trenton, New Jersey. Every dollar counts, and every project matters.



Thousand Dollars Granted

Through our annual citywide grant round, and our partner neighborhood grant rounds, we have been able to support projects that leave a lasting effect on the Trenton community.



Years Serving Trenton

We appreciate the opportunity to be part of such a fruitful, creative, and hardworking community. A decade of grant giving has proven our neighbors’ potential in Trenton. A little help goes a long way.



Local Projects Funded

Amazing projects throughout the city of Trenton have happened thanks to the passionate doers having ideas that they made reality with support from I Am Trenton.


September 2018

Support from the I Am Trenton Community Foundation allowed us to reward outstanding work and dedication with outstanding opportunities. These kids are natural leaders within the Trenton Music Makers Orchestra, and shining examples of what children can achieve when provided with the resources.

Carol Burden, Executive Director of Trenton Community Music School

Our Grants

I Am Trenton Community Foundation was founded to put resources where they matter most — on the ground.



What makes Trenton even better every day is the tireless commitment of people who care — people who teach their neighbors about flooding, throw festivals, help trauma victims heal, plant trees, clean their neighborhoods, teach kids robotics, install bike pumps and mini-libraries, lead yoga workshops, record oral histories, make films, and still find time to have fun with their friends. Our citywide grants support this sort of work, and provide a way for someone with a great idea to test it out.

East Trenton Collaborative

A lot of real community change is done by small, grassroots organizations, community activists, and ordinary residents. In 2016 the East Trenton Collaborative launched the East Trenton Community Grants Program in partnership with I Am Trenton Community Foundation and Isles, Inc., to support the great work they are doing on the ground. This grant program is intended to support work in, and benefit the residents of, the East Trenton neighborhood.

Old Trenton Neighborhood Economic Development

This grant program supports economic development in the Old Trenton neighborhood. It was set up in partnership with Isles, Inc., a nonprofit that has worked to improve Old Trenton for over 30 years. Funds for this program come from the New Jersey Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program, which supports resident-led revitalization plans.

Trenton Historic District Collaborative

Smaller, grassroots organizations, as well as community activists and non-incorporated groups, were a driving force in developing the Revitalization Plan for the Trenton Historic Development Collaborative (THDC) neighborhood (see map). Many of these groups do important work, but do not, at present, qualify for funding through traditional sources. To support their work in the THDC planning area, and to build grantees’ capacity in the process, the Collaborative set up the THDC Small Grants Program in partnership with I Am Trenton Community Foundation and Isles, Inc. in the fall of 2014.

Get Involved

There are many ways to help make local projects happen in Trenton. It takes the supporters, the dreamers, and the doers working together to make truly great things happen. See a few ways to get involved with I Am Trenton below. 



YOU are Trenton! Your contributions go to where they make the most difference – on the ground.


Ready to make your project idea a reality in the city? Check out our grant opportunities in Trenton.