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We are Trenton.

I Am Trenton Community Foundation is an independent community foundation formed in 2007 by a group of individuals united in their passion for the city, with the mission of making Trenton even better through community engagement, building pride in our city and community-focused giving. Our name reflects a pride of ownership and pride of place in our unique community. 

We are an independent 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization governed by a diverse, all-volunteer board of trustees, a minimum of 75% of whom must be residents of Trenton. We are not affiliated with city, county or state government, nor any other foundation, non-profit, political party or outside interest.

Like all community foundations, I Am Trenton raises funds to benefit the people of our city. In addition, we work to foster a sense of pride in the city, as well as a culture where all people connected to Trenton contribute to make Trenton a vibrant place for all.

Our Vision

  • We believe in a Trenton that provides opportunities for all.


  • We are committed to strengthening the community resources necessary to build and sustain growth.


  • We believe in a unified Trenton that embraces opportunities for all Trentonians.

  • We believe in a Trenton that is philanthropic, and shares its individual wealth — financial or in-kind — with others in an effort to build community wealth.

  • Most importantly, we believe in the people of Trenton. Our goal is to provide opportunities to all Trentonians to be actively engaged in shaping the future of our city.

Our History






I Am Trenton founded by a group of dedicated Trentonians

First "I Am Trenton" billboard campaign

First citywide grant round​ launched

First partner-funded grant round launched in the West Ward (Trenton Historic Development Collaborative neighborhood) with Isles, Inc., with funds from NJDCA's Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) program.

Second "I Am Trenton" billboard campaign, highlighting Trenton changemakers.
First Strategic Plan (2017 - 2020).

IAT's focus on social justice results in largest donation push and grant round to date.


Strategic Plan review and refresh with a focus on fundraising, expanding human capacity, and deepening our connections with Trenton's Latino communities.

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