Our Impact

I Am Trenton Community Foundation was founded in 2007 to make Trenton even better through community engagement, building pride in our city, and community-focused giving. We support good ideas and grassroots efforts that often cannot secure funding from other sources, but in which we see growth potential, passion, initiative, and creativity.

We fund grassroots initiatives around the city through our annual competetive call for proposals. To date, we have funded over 90 initiatives touching thousands of people. Our grantees teach kids robotics, reclaim vacant lots, install bike pumps, foster teen entrepreneurship, teach yoga, educate their neighbors about flooding, and so much more.

2017 Old Trenton Neighborhood Arts + Community grant project by Leon Rainbow

Photograph taken by Kenny Bee

Awarded Grants

I Am Trenton has managed awarding grants to projects for Citywide, Old Trenton Neighborhood Arts + Community, THDC, and ETC grant rounds.


Since 2014, we have been partnering with other organizations doing neighborhood-specific work to administer neighborhood-focused grant rounds. To date, we have supported seventy projects in three Trenton neighborhoods. Virtually all of them are resident-driven solutions to the problems people see in their own communities.


Total Grant Amount Per Year

Since I Am Trenton's launch in 2010, the amount of awards distributed for local projects has increased thanks to donors and partnering with other organizations for neighborhood rounds.


In rare cases, we help incubate specific initiatives that address an important need or stand to have a lasting impact on the city, such as Creative Trenton and Artworks’ Artmaking Day.

We value our donors since every dollar counts and every project matters. With the majority of our donations coming from individuals, I Am Trenton demonstrates the power of the local community. We appreciate our corporate contributors and our individual donors and understand how their contributions are what empower the community to successfully generate their projects.