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IAT Welcomes Austin Edwards

I Am Trenton is excited to welcome Austin Edwards to the board!

Austin is a proud Trentonian born and raised in the City. From humble beginnings on Rutherford Avenue and church home of Little Light True Gospel Church, Austin learned the value of caring for his community and those who comprise it, and found the most joy in helping solve the issues neighbors, friends, family, and other community members faced.

Austin obtained a legal degree at Howard University and worked at the highest levels of government including various federal alphabet agencies, Capitol Hill, the United States Coast Guard, the Federal Judiciary, and the private financial firm Ernst & Young. He specifically returned to Trenton to work with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office to reform both police-community relations and also New Jersey’s financial laws. He is currently pursuing my Masters of Domestic and Public Policy from Princeton University. Austin’s extensive community engagement work includes being part of the Howard University Alumni Club of Metropolitan Trenton (Go Bison!), Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Lambda Lambda Sigma Chapter, and the Trenton Urban League Guild. He was also recently appointed to the Trenton School Board, where he is excited to help create social and physical spaces for youth of all ages to excel, to produce life-changing alternatives to the school/drug/prison pipeline, and to illustrate to the community the young scholars we have in our very midst.

Says Austin, “I’m thrilled to join IAT as a way to give back to my beloved hometown! IAT has provided almost half a million dollars over the last decade to local efforts to help better the City. Oftentimes, the efforts IAT supports are not grand, momentous projects. It is often smaller, more intimate projects that are most impactful – the local gardens to provide food and pride for the community, the graphic works displaying the cultural significance of those who live here, and even down to the $250 for a sewing machine to make a community quilt to encourage youth to learn this craft and for a mother to have an opportunity to bond with others to help heal from the loss of her son. These are the projects which inspire the whole of the City to work together to make the locale…and the locals…that much better.”

Meet all our board members here.

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