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Puerto Rican Community Center


Old Trenton


Roots / Raices

The Puerto Rican Community Center on Perry Street will enhance its multicultural areas in each classroom to allow students access to materials, books, and clothing from different cultures around the world. The multicultural areas will provide a vast array of multicultural materials that reflect our student's roots and cultural traditions, helping them to stay in touch with their own roots and understand other cultures.

El Centro Comunitario Puertorriqueño (The Puerto Rican Community Center) en Calle Perry mejorará sus áreas multiculturales en cada salón de clases para permitir que los estudiantes tengan acceso a materiales, libros y ropa de diferentes culturas alrededor del mundo. Las áreas multiculturales proporcionarán una amplia gama de materiales multiculturales que reflejan las raíces y tradiciones culturales de nuestros estudiantes, ayudándolos a mantenerse en contacto con sus propias raíces y comprender otras culturas.

This project was made possible with funding from Isles, Inc., via the NJ Department of Community Affairs' Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) program. 

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