The Orchid Group Jamil Adams, Elijah Dixon, Nicole Brown, and many more.

The Orchid Group aims to inspire change on the ground through collaborative, collective entrepreneurship — building the wealth of Trenton’s grassroots. At a once-abandoned building on East Hanover Street, Jamil, Elijah, Nicole, and several other young Trentonians are setting up the Orchid House Cafe, a space to gather, create, challenge, and transform – a place where people experience new and exciting ideas, a space where young people can believe they can be what they choose, and that they are important.

The Orchid House has hosted workshops and performances, as well as sweat-equity work days, where the community collectively works on the building itself. The group plans to host many more such events, and to be a hub of positive influence spreading throughout the city, as at the Prospect Street Garden, whose reactivation Jamil organized with the support of a THDC Small Grant. Says Nicole, “We will be providing a circulation of useful knowledge and healthy food choices, integrating educational workshops and a socially active environment for the youth, locals, creatives, professionals and those in transition through their day.”

Most importantly, the Orchid Group hopes to empower their neighbors to see themselves, and Trenton, as powerful. “For true change to come about,” says Jamil, “it needs to start in the minds of the people.”

Photographed by S. Bola Okoya at the Orchid House.

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