Tamara Torres Artist, Activist

Visual activist Tamara Torres is a native of Trenton, New Jersey and a citizen of the world. In her youth she survived abuse, discrimination and homelessness, and in her art she has taken up the cause of abused, disadvantaged and disenfranchised women throughout the globe.

Tamara‚Äôs photography and photo-based art is unflinching, yet uplifting, intended to inspire women to create a revolution and build a better world. Her art has been exhibited in New York, London, Scotland, Italy, Egypt, and part of UNICEF for an Italy project that was to empower women. Tamara is of Puerto Rican descent and is part Taino Indian. Through her art and her activism, she seeks to counter misconceptions of Latina women, immigrants, and brings to light the uncomfortable conversations of social issues and women’s rights in America that needs to be addressed. Tamara currently resides in Trenton with her son and daughter.

Tamara is also the founder of Pink Sneakers Foundation, a community that will be focusing on women helping women rise by empowering, educating, and building women in the community. “It’s important to stay aware of politics and what is happening in the world. But it’s more important to teach the next generation of what we had to endure to get where we are now. It is more important to help our communities not get lost and support each other. Pink Sneakers wants to put women together to connect and do only one thing help each other rise.”

Photographed by Alfredo Marin, Jr. in downtown Trenton.

See Tamara’s artwork at www.tamaratorresart.com. Connect with the Pink Sneakers Foundation on Facebook.

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