Sam Kanig Musician, Activist

Sam’s enthusiasm for Trenton is contagious. He believes Trenton’s vibrance is evident and spreading every day. A community organizer, musician, and activist, he founded Galeria Casa Cultura, Trenton’s Latino art gallery and music studio. He has organized community events, Puerto Rican heritage celebrations, public art and beautification projects, and festivals, including a massive barbecue festival in his native Puerto Rico. Sam’s vision is for all Trentonians to be exposed to each other’s cultures, and promote musicians and artists to empower them to grow their talents, as music and art can bring us together. Through his commitment to Casa Cultura, The Puerto Rican Civic Association, Levitt Amp summer concerts and more, Sam brings a hands-on drive and ground-level impact that will build the potential in our city.

Photographed by Alfredo Marin, Jr., in downtown Trenton.

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