Ms. Ann Community Member

A community survives when it has support from within and it thrives when it has dedication to that care. Trenton resident Nanette Miller, known to everyone as Miss Ann, embodies both support and dedication that has inspired many around her to continue with their mission to help Trenton rise to its potential. While simply sweeping her stoop, she has quietly been a backbone to projects, encouraging people to continue with their causes, and introducing people to each other on the block. As someone that can display beauty in an area that has a bleak reputation, she is truly a diamond in the rough. The members of the SAGE Coalition, a local non profit arts collective once based on Miss Ann’s block, can attest to the importance of Miss Ann to her whole neighborhood. If there is ever a time of need for reinforcement, she is always one of the first to offer her assistance. Her kind words and assured attitude will make anyone confident that they can conquer any goal and overcome all challenges.

Photographed by S. Bola Okoya at Trenton City Hall.

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