Ahmad Shakir & Ahmad Shakir II DJ & Event Organizer

Ahmad Shakir has your back. As one of Trenton’s best-known DJs and a member of the SAGE Coalition artist collective, he has set the mood for hundreds of Trenton’s best known events, keeping the party going through sudden rainstorms, technical hiccups, the substitution of a flatbed truck for a stage, and anything else that might happen on the day of. Not only is he impressive with his scratching technique, but he also lifts local musicians up with him. He helps run the music for the annual Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam at Terracycle, orchestrating set times and organizing the musicians and DJS. “I was working at a store that had a pair of turntables, and the owner let me try it,” he explains. “I never stopped.” His son, affectionately known as Little Ahmad, is more comfortable in the spotlight, starring in plays and looking forward to theatre camp. “Or I might become a detective!” he says. We can’t wait to see.

Photographed by Bentrice Jusu at the War Memorial.

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