Agudos Clef Latin Alternative Hip Hop Group

Peter Rodriguez and Josue Lora started working together six years ago to create the Latin alternative hip hop group Agudos Clef. Originally from the Dominican Republic, they learned to be independent and self-autonomous, staying driven by the journey to create music and taking their craft seriously. They began working at Peter’s home made garage studio around 2010, which was named “the Kabin.” After going through about three spaces, they landed at 222 South Broad Street. Josue and Peter wanted to extend their passion for music by creating a studio, and in collaboration with Sam Kanig, transformed the space into Casa Cultura. In Agudos Clef, the duo uses their different strengths to help the project progress. Peter handles the audio end of their music, and Josue is the video engineer. They are glad Trenton is embracing the artists in town, as they get to see the flourishing music and arts scene firsthand. A common driving force in Agudos Clef is their genuine enjoyment of the people they meet in the city.

Photographed by Abbas Wiswall in the Chambersburg neighborhood.

Agudos Clef on Spotify.

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