Abdul Qadir Wiswall Trenton Coffee House and Roaster Owner

A native of New Jersey, Abdul moved to Trenton some years ago, moved away, and then moved back because of the diversity and walkability of the city. Starting by selling coffee from a bike cart parked outside of neighborhood music venues, he quickly found a home among musicians, artists, creative types, and people living their art, whatever that may be. Regulars of his shop know it as much more than a place to drink the best cup of coffee in Trenton: it is devoted to Trenton itself, and to its people. In just a year, it has become a place that brings people together from all over the region — a place to enjoy a conversation over a cup, exchange ideas, dream up collaborations, and maybe even catch (or play) an impromptu concert, if the mood so strikes.

Abdul’s commitment to the people of Trenton is evident in his high quality yet low-cost cup of coffee, in his ingredients that are purchased within the Trenton area, his assortment of art from local artists, and the flyers for Trenton happenings. What he has done with coffee is exemplary of what one can do if passionate about one’s goal in this town. As Abdul explains, “I really am passionate about this city. Trenton is the only place where this type of space can happen and flourish.”

Photographed by Abbas Wiswall at Trenton Coffee House and Roaster.

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