About Us

Artwork by Demond Williams of the Trenton Community A-TEAM, one of our 2016 grantee organizations.Artwork by Trenton artist Demond Williams of the Trenton Community A-TEAM, one of our 2016 grantees.
I Am Trenton Community Foundation was formed in 2007 by a group of individuals united in their passion for the city. We are governed by a diverse, all-volunteer board of trustees committed to the mission of making Trenton even better through community engagement, building pride in our city and community-focused giving. Our name reflects a pride of ownership and membership in our unique urban community.

As a community foundation, we are an independent 501(c)3 organization that is not affiliated with city, county or state government, nor any other foundation, non-profit, political party or outside interest. We follow a strict policy of non-discrimination.

Like all community foundations, I Am Trenton raises funds to benefit the people of our city. In addition, I Am Trenton is looking for participation from every person, business and organization in our city in the belief that giving to help each other increases civic pride and engagement—making Trenton an even stronger community. We plan to be a lasting resource that will grow over time, making immediate and lasting contributions to Trenton.

Our Vision

I Am Trenton was founded with the understanding that each and every individual who lives, works, learns or plays in Trenton can contribute to the city. It is people like you — like your neighbor, your co-worker, your uncle, your niece, and the person who you sit next to in religious services — who can join our effort to strengthen our great city of Trenton so it can become, and forever remain, the city that we know it has the potential to be. Trenton is a city of great resources, both in terms of infrastructure — great parks, homes, history, entertainment venues, restaurants, and businesses — and in terms of close-knit communities and the people who live in them. We believe in a Trenton that provides opportunities for all, and we are committed to strengthening the community resources necessary to build and sustain growth. We believe in a unified Trenton that embraces opportunities for all Trentonians. We believe in a Trenton that is philanthropic, and shares its individual wealth — financial or in-kind — with others in an effort to build community wealth.

Most importantly, we believe in the people of Trenton. Our goal is to provide opportunities to all Trentonians to be actively engaged in shaping the future of our city.


    Jon Carl Lewis, President
    Iana Dikidjieva, Vice-President
    Kenya Rourk, Treasurer
    Mindy Romero, Secretary
    Brandon McKoy, Corresponding Secretary
    Kelly Ingram, Past President
    Rudy Rodas
    Shenette Gray
    Raj Manimaran


    Kelly Ingram, 2015-2017
    Dan Fatton, 2012-2014
    Ali Wilson, 2010-2012
    Monique King-Viehland, 2010
    Debby D’Arcangelo, 2009-2010
    Roland Laird, 2008-2009


    Alba Hernandez
    Ayesha Demond-Angell
    Beth Feehan
    Ayo Johnson-Richardson
    Niquole Primiani
    Dan Fatton
    Leticia Williams
    Fiah Gussin
    Carlos Avila
    Aniela Brzoza
    Debby D’Arcangelo
    Kesner Dufresne, deceased
    Ed Feinberg
    Sam Frisby
    Teska Frisby
    Rosemary Hill
    Jacque Howard
    Zebedee Jones
    Monique King Viehland
    Roland Laird, deceased
    Sheriff Massaquoi
    Darlene McKnight
    Joi Lynn Ortiz
    Roland Pott
    Kristian Richardson
    Kelley Satterfield
    Drew (WD) Smith
    Leonor Tapia
    Nelida Valentin
    Jeffrey Wilkerson
    Ali Wilson
    Tonya Woodland
    Stephani Register

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